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About Us

RainbowbSports Centre was founded by 3-time Olympian and 3-time Africa Bronze medalist Mary Musoke( commonly known as Coach Maria) in 2003. She won the prestigious Presidential golden jubilee award for her contribution to the development of Uganda during the 2022 Women’s Day. The center is a registered nonprofit organization limited by guarantee.

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Subsidizing for youth and children through sports
Developing Boys and Girls into Professionals and Champions
Connecting youth and children to opportunities

Who we are

A Center of Excellence in Developing Boys and Girls into Professionals and Champions’

Vision and Vision

Vision: A self sustaining community that harnesses the full potential of youth and children.

Mission: To inspire self sustainable communities by connecting youth and children to opportunities that can make them become future Professionals, entrepreneurs and Champions through sports activities, supporting youth and children to go to school and promote the youth to engage in gainful employment to reduce poverty

Our Target

Children and youth (boys and girls) aged 3 to 35 years. Schooling and out of school youths.

our people


May 31, 2023

WOMEN’S DAY 2023 Happy Women's Day To All The Women And Girls

It’s International Women’s Day! Today we get to celebrate how far we’ve come for gender equality, and the amazing women who have made it all possible. But International Women’s Day isn’t just about looking back. It’s also about recognizing that billions of women and girls continue to face barriers to equality, including unequal pay, limited […]